Malgranda Gilotina Plato Tondanta Maŝino

Malgranda Gilotina Plato Tondanta Maŝino

Plate shearing machine is a machine that USES one blade relative to another blade for reciprocating linear motion to shear plate.By means of moving upper blade and fixed lower blade, reasonable blade gap is adopted to apply shear force on metal plates of various thickness, making the plates fracture and separate according to the required size.Plate shearing machine belongs to a kind of forging and pressing machinery, its main function is metal processing industry.Products are widely used in aviation, light industry, gold, chemical industry, construction, shipping, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment.Can cut iron plate. Aluminum plate. Galvanized steel plate. Color steel. Diamond mesh.

Safety Standard:

  • Safety stndard ( 2006/42/EC )
  • South Korea KACON pedal switch (safety grade 4)
  • Rear metal sa
  • feguard rail, CE standard
  • Safety relay monitors pedal switch, safety protection

Standard Configuration:

  • E21S, TP07, DAC310,DAC360
  • Backgauge X-axis electric control
  • Delta converter controller
  • Using HIWIN ball screw and bar ensures the accuracy within 0.05mm
  • Controller fixed on front panel
  • Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve
  • Germany EMB tube connector
  • China high-performance main motor
  • China CHNT electrics
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Blade materials ( 6CrW2Si )
  • South Korea KACON pedal switch
  • Cutting angle adjustment

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine Introduction

  • Streamlined design originated from EU, the kind of machine tool consists of rack, cutter holder, oil cylinder, hydraulic controller, backgauge and other components. Finite-element analysis of main parts, welding parts uses tempering, vibration and other processing methods to eliminate stress ensuring the structural strength and rigidity of the machine.
  • Adopting cutter holder with three-point support rolling rail, reducing the friction to the greatest extent and realizing seamless rolling during cutter holder moving.
  • Left-most front supporter configured with verticality regulator and front positioning device, easy operation and high efficiency.
  • Simple and effective adjustment mechanism used for rearranging blade clearance via CNC system, improving the cutting quality.
  • Fine ball screw and polished rod structure, good-performance frequency converter is used to positioning X axis to ensure accuracy, unique design timing transmission-mechanism, stable and reliable.
  • Light and shadow line is conductive to manual scribing cutting; stable and reliable hydraulic transmission, integrated hydraulic system is able to significantly alleviate problems causing by leakage of hydraulic fluid.
  • Made by high-quality alloy tool steel capable enough to against impact load and high wear resistance when cutting.
  • With reference to ergonomic design, easy CNC system surface, improving the operation precision and comfort; rolling ball workbench to reduce friction and prevent work piece from scratching; novel and practical safety guard device, line with safety specification, protect the personal safety; delicate design, petty work piece can be done easily with hand.


Detalaj Bildoj

elektra skatolo
Nomo: elektra skatolo
  • Marko: Schneider
  • Originalo: Francio
  • Franca schneider elektra ekipaĵo por certigi la stabilecon de la maŝino, sekura kaj fidinda, forta kontraŭinterfero
  • Elektra kabineto kun funkcio de malferma pordo por ĉesigi potencon.
Nomo: Ĉefa motoro
  • Marko: SIEMENS
  • Originalo: Germanio
  • Guarantee the service life of the machine, reduce working noise, and save energy.
Ĉefa motoro
Ilaro pumpilo
Nomo: Gear pump
  • Marko: Suna
  • Originalo: Usono
  • La mondfama marko de hidraŭlika pumpilo en Usono agas bone kaj liveras pli da potenco al la tuta hidraŭlika sistemo. Ĝi povas subteni la maŝinon funkcii senĉese dum pli ol 13 horoj.
Nomo: Hidraŭlika Sistemo
  • Marko: BOSCH Rexroth
  • Originalo: Germanio
  • Reduktu la kompleksecon kaj koston de bontenado kaj riparo.
  • Rimedoprovizo, pli granda efikeco, personigo kaj pli alta profiteco.
  • Germanio EMB-Tubo
  • Uzi Garmon EMB-tubon kaj konektilojn reduktas la riskon kontraŭ veldado de zumado de valvoj kaj influas fluantan oleon
Hidraŭlika Sistemo
Ball Screw
Name: Ball Screw
  • Marko: Hiwin
  • Originalo: Tajvano
  • Alta Preciza Backgauge kun fajna pilka ŝraŭbo kaj relo lineara
  • La Backgauge havas horizontale surĉevalan strukturon kun alta stabileco, unu-ŝela duobla fervojo, alta precizeco, X-aksa stirado kaj aŭtomata CNC-sistemo.

Open Door Power Off

Front safegurad rail adopts opening door cut off power, ensuring the operational safety

High-quality Alloy Tool Steel

Made by high-quality alloy tool steel, the machine can meet the impacting load and high wear resistance requirem

Built-in Spring Pressure Cylinder

Built-in spring pressure cylinder, its lower end equipped with special material gasket, separately control the pressure, avoiding aluminium alloy or other softer materials being imprinted

Open Door Power Off
Knife rest on bench
Name: Knife rest on bench

This design makes the cutting machine’s upper knife rest guide rail surface, when installing the knife side is in the open processing environment, thus achieving the goal of reducing the production cost and improving the manufacturing economy.

Name: Blade Clearance Adjustment

Rapid adjustment mechanism for rearranging blade clearance, easy operation by hand, realizing stepless adjustment of blade clearance.

Blade Clearance Adjustment

Laŭvola protekta aparato

Front Photoelectricity Protection

Front Photoelectricity Protection

Back Photoelectricity Protection

Back Photoelectricity Protection

Pneumatic Back Supporter

Pneumatic Back Supporter

Front Feeding Table

Front Feeding Table

Laŭvola sistemo agordo



  • Hd LCD, Chinese/English
  • Rear baffle control and intelligent positioning
  • Control ordinary motor or frequency converter
  • dual programmable digital output, workpiece count
  • 40 program storage, each program 25 steps
  • unilateral positioning, compromise function
  • One-key backup and recovery of parameters


  • High-definition TFT true color touch screen
  • Servo control is adopted for the rear material
  • Automatic calculation of various shearing schemes of different plates
  • Automatic stop correction function of rear stop
  • Quick one-step cutting function
  • Store multi-step cutting sequence and products
  • soft limit function, power off memory, support multiple languages


  • High-definition LCD display is 275×48 pixels
  • servo control/frequency conversion speed control/two-speed ac motor control
  • Automatic positioning and retreat of the electric rear baffle
  • multi-program automatic operation, program and program step link
  • Cutting count, cutting range limit, power off memory, and English/English conversion
  • 1,one-page parameter fast programming
  • 2, navigation shortcuts
  • 3, 7″ widescreen color TFT
  • 4, the maximum 4-axis control (Y1.Y2 and two additional axes)
  • 5, workbench deflection compensation control
  • 6, mold / material / product library
  • 7, USB peripheral interface
  • 8, advanced Y-axis control algorithm, can control both closed loop and open loop valve
  • 9, panel-type installation structure, optional suspension box